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Breast augmentation in Tijuana

There are a number of different reasons why women want to enhance the appearance of their breasts. Thanks to modern surgical augmentation techniques, women have much more augmentation options to modify the appearance of breasts safely. Breast augmentation in Tijuana (also referred to as breast enlargement or augmentation mammaplasty) is a surgical procedure that aims to increase or restore the size of your natural breasts using artificial implants or, in some cases, fat from your own body. For the results you want, get the best breast augmentation Tijuana has to offer at Beauty Brokers in Tijuana. 


Breast Augmentation results in Tijuana, Baja California


Common concerns why women may consider breast augmentation include:

  • You might feel that your breasts are too small or disproportionate. 
  • Your breasts may look asymmetrical, or one breast is smaller than the other.
  • breastfeeding, Aging, pregnancy, or weight loss have caused your breasts to become smaller or a bit flacid.
  • You wish to fill in your clothes better.
  • Naturally small breasts have taken a toll on your femininity or self-esteem.
  • If you’re unsatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, breast augmentation with Beauty Brokers in Tijuana for Plastic Surgery can restore optimal balance and proportionality while providing a youthful and shapely bust that lasts for years.

Choosing the right implant for breast augmentation in Tijuana

Breast implants in tijuana come in various shapes, sizes and textures each with a unique set of advantages and drawbacks. Beauty Brokers will recommend the ideal type of breast implant for your unique needs. However, you should have a brief understanding of their differences to make an educated decision.

The section below will describe the various types of breast implants to choose from.


  • Saline Breast Implants — Breast implants filled with sterile saltwater. If the implant ruptures, the saline is simply absorbed by the water and expelled without any harm.
  • Structured Saline Breast Implants — Saline breast implants with an internal structure that makes them more natural and realistic.
  • Silicone Breast Implants — Breast implants filled with silicone gel. It resembles the natural feel and texture of actual breasts, but there’s a small risk of the gel escaping into the breast implant pocket in the unlikely event of a rupture.
  • Gummy Bear Breast Implants — Form-stable silicone breast implants that maintain their shape even when the implant shell breaks. It has a tapered top that resembles the natural structure of the breasts, making them look even more realistic.
  • Round Breast Implants — Rounded breast implants that are evenly shaped on all sides. There’s no risk of external projection if they rotate out of place.

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