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Thigh Light in Tijuana

Women, more commonly than men, tend to develop flabby fat deposits in their legs, and especially their thighs, which become quite noticeable over time. This is because they have more cellulite in their lower bodies. With a Tijuana thigh lift, you can give your legs the firm, supple appearance you always wanted them to have. Give them what they deserve. After all, who wouldn’t want to have legs that make people think you are a Grand Slam winning runner?

Breast Augmentation results in Tijuana, Baja California


Have you ever been conscious of people staring at you when you go for a walk? Or perhaps when you take a jog in the hopes of keeping yourself in top shape? More importantly, are you afraid to wear shorts in public? If you feel like your legs are the reason you get stared at when you take a walk in the Tijuana, Baja California, then Beauty Brokers can give you the emancipation of your lifetime. 

Choosing the right implant for breast augmentation in Tijuana

Typical candidates for a ‘thighplasty’ surgery have excessive deposits of skin and fatty tissue in their medial or inner thighs which may be due to any number of the following reasons: 

  • They have experienced weight loss or undergone bariatric surgery, i.e. a full body contour, to improve the appearance of your entire body. A thigh lift may be needed in this case to maintain evenness in your curves and contours.
  • They have gained weight due to a slowing metabolic rate which occurs naturally with aging.
  • They lead generally sedentary lifestyles, aspects of which could be related to their employment which sometimes forces people to remain seated for large portions of the day.
  • They just want to look good and cannot stand loose flaccid skin on their legs and thighs!

Procedure and Preparation for Thigh Lift

If you and your surgeon are in agreement and you feel that a thigh lift is right for you, then you will first be informed about how to prepare for the surgery. You may want to go to your primary physician to have your general health assessed. Based on our surgeons’ advice, you should:

  • take a leave from your employment for a few weeks
  • ask for the help of a friend or a family member in arranging for your transport, changing your dressing, etc.
  • discontinue smoking at least two weeks prior to the surgery, to prevent slow healing and minimize the chances of stroke and heart problems
  • avoid drugs such as herbal medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin as these may increase bleeding
  • store towels, bandages, gauze and peroxide close to you as you may need them after the surgery
  • avoid eating anything after midnight on the night before the surgery

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