Shape and Accentuate Your Curves With A BBL

The buttocks play a significant role in your shape. The right amount of fullness is important for a well-rounded behind; it also should be lifted and firm. Genetics, lifestyle, age and other factors all impact the shape of your behind. While exercise can help shape the buttocks, some people are not blessed with the bounty they desire in that area. A Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, is a very popular plastic surgery procedure we offer at Beauty Brokers that can lift and shape the buttocks, as well as enhance other areas of the body.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

One of the key elements of a BBL is reshaping the buttocks with a fat transfer. Adding volume to the upper buttocks can create the desired roundness and lift many patients are looking for when considering buttocks reshaping. The fat for the augmentation is harvested from other areas of the body with liposuction. For many patients, this is an added bonus to the BBL. Our Plastic Surgeons can liposuction fat from the thighs or abdomen to improve their appearance, then transfer it to the buttocks to create a lifted, firmer appearance.

BBL Benefits

You cannot choose where your body stores fat. Some people are genetically prepositioned to have a rounded rear, while others are more likely to have small or flat behinds. Building the muscles can help improve the shape, but it is difficult for many to achieve a round rear without some fat to give it shape. A BBL can help a variety of people who are unhappy with their buttocks or body shape. This includes:

  • Flatter buttocks
  • Asymmetrical cheeks
  • Small rear
  • Drooping buttocks
  • Post-pregnancy

By adding the volume (fat transfer) on the upper portion of the buttocks, the skin is lifted and the shape is improved. This procedure can be done alone, or it can be in tandem with other procedures. At Beauty Brokers Plastic Surgery, we often perform a BBL as part of a Mommy Makeover to give women back their pre-pregnancy shape with liposuction off the tummy and fat added to lift their behind.

You deserve to love your body shape and feel confident. If your buttock area is lacking the curves you desire or needs a lift, give us at call at Beauty Brokers Plastic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. We can schedule a private consultation with Beauty Brokers Plastic Surgery to discuss a Brazilian Butt Lift to determine if it is the best procedure for you.