What Will Breasts Feel Like After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Women facing mastectomy or lumpectomy often – and understandably -– have questions and concerns about how they will look and feel after surgery. Fortunately, modern medicine and technology offer women the ability to restore a more natural and feminine look after breast cancer surgery. However, it is important for patients to have realistic expectations for their breast reconstruction procedure and to understand that their newly reconstructed breasts will not look or feel exactly like their natural breasts. At Beauty Brokers in Tijuana, B.C, our board-certified plastic surgeons and breast reconstruction specialists understand the complex and sensitive nature of this procedure and is dedicated to helping women feel comfortable, confident, and whole again after breast cancer surgery. Keep reading for a closer look at what to expect after breast reconstruction, including how your new breasts may feel.

How does breast reconstruction surgery work?
There are several possibilities when it comes to breast reconstruction surgery, which is often completed in stages. During your initial consultation for breast reconstruction in Tijuana, B.C, Our Doctors will evaluate and discuss a number of personal factors to determine which type of breast reconstruction is most appropriate for you. These may include:

Your overall health
Your surgical history
Your breast cancer stage
Your personal goals for breast reconstruction

Based on this information, Our Doctor will recommend one of the following approaches for breast reconstruction:

Latissimus Dorsi Flap
PAP Flap

In many cases, breast reconstruction involves harvesting skin, tissue, fat, and/or muscle from another area of the body and using it to re-create and cover the breast. Some women have breast implants placed as part of their breast reconstruction surgery as well.

What will my breasts look like after reconstruction?
Because every woman’s body and history are unique, the results of breast reconstruction surgery will vary from patient to patient. With an exceptional level of experience and expertise, Our Plastic Surgeons strive to create the most natural look possible during breast reconstruction surgery. However, patients should understand that their breasts will look different than their natural breasts. In some cases, cosmetic tattooing is performed as part of a breast reconstruction plan to create a nipple-areola complex, giving the patient an even more natural appearance.

Will I have feeling in my breasts after breast reconstruction?
Another common result of breast reconstruction surgery is the loss of sensation in the breasts. Some women experience a return of breast sensation after several months, while others have a permanent loss of feeling in the breasts after reconstructive surgery. Again, this depends heavily on what type of breast cancer surgery was performed, which breast reconstruction method was used, and a number of additional factors.

Depending on the type of reconstruction performed, whether an implant was used, and other factors, the breasts may still feel natural to the outside touch.

Restore your feminine silhouette with breast reconstruction surgery in Tijuana, B.C.
For many women, a full figure is an important part of their femininity and identity. If you are facing breast cancer surgery and don’t want to lose your silhouette, you may be a candidate for reconstructive breast surgery. To learn more about how breast reconstruction in Tijuana, B.C can help you look and feel whole once again, call Beauty Brokers to schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons today.